Dr. Audrey Cross,Vigneronne.............................

Vigneronne is French for a female who owns a vineyard and both works the vines in that vineyard and makes wine from the grapes it produces.  In 2001, Dr. Audrey and husband, Steve Gambino, purchased a 104 acres farm along the Delaware River in New Jersey, and began building a future vineyard and  winery. 

Planting five acres of grapes in 2003 and another five acres in 2006, the Gambinos now produce five wines at their Villa Milagro Vineyards.  Using organic and sustainable agricultural practices, they produce wines that honor the earth as well as give exceptional pleasure to those who enjoy them! 

Dr. Audrey is a firm believer in wine as food.  "Wine is one of the oldest traditional arts, with wine relics found among food remains and utensils dating back more than 7000 years.  The use of wine in religious ceremonies is well established, with the most important being its use in the sacrament of communion among Christains.  Recent scientific study has revealed that wine not only lifts the soul, but plays an important role in heart health. "  Dr. Audrey speaks frequently on the topic of wine and health, providing a lively, entertaining and educational experience for audiences. 
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