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Bombarded daily with complex, sometimes controversial, and ever-changing food and nutrition news, consumers confront confusion and food fear fatigue as they try to fathom the facts for a healthy diet and lifestyle.  

How much broccoli is enough to prevent cancer?  Will sprinkling flaxseed on your food reduce heart disease risk?  Should you drink wine with dinner?  Is the Food Pyramid making the nation fat?  What's the best lunch to maximize work performance?  Can you really loose ten pounds in ten days?  Does healthy eating mean meals that taste like cardboard?  Why are the French so healthy and thin eating rich and delicious meals?  What is it about the Mediterrean diet that promotes good health? 

Dr. Audrey puts a friendly face on science, making it easy to grasp, fun and entertaining to hear.  She turns food, nutrition and wine into simple, sensuous and sensible tips that people can use to enhance their health and well being.

Dr. Audrey Cross is available for interviews, appearances and speeches.   Her keynotes and presentations can be personalized for your audience.  She speaks on nutrition, the health benefits of wine, life-long health, lasting weight loss and more.  She informs, inspires, entertains and educates with practical, common sense strategies for creating an "Appetite for Healthy Living."

From professional and other interest groups, to corporate employees, educators and healthcare professionals, Dr. Audrey provides compelling messages and practical strategies for healthy living that can be focused on an area of particular interest to your group. If you’re in charge of planning an event, contact us to discuss a customized program for your audience.

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