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Newspaper and magazine writers, television and radio producers around the country, seek Dr. Audrey's expert opinion on diet, food, wine and health issues.  She is one of the nation's most quoted nutrition authorities.

She currently writes a fun article on Wine & Health for Stem & Stein Magazine which NJ residents can find free at many wine stores and supermarkets.
December 2006      Professional Safety Journal      Mailman School Launches “Healthy
     (professional journal) Monday” (p 6)

Oct. 19, 2006  Houston Chronicle   Health: Monday is a good day to diet, etc.

Oct. 16, 2006  PR Week        Columbia University organizes Healthy
      (industry newspaper)       Monday Initiative  Keith O’Brien

Oct. 2, 2006    AdAge     Today’s the Day all health could break loose
     (industry newspaper)        Rance Crain (p 20)

March 2006    O’Dwyers’ PR Service       “Fresh Resolutions” Subway’s campaign
      Wins Food & Beverage Campaign Award
      (Jarred Fogle & Dr. Audrey Cross)

May 2004       Men’s Health    Ask Men’s Health
     (magazine)       Mike Zimmerman (p 32)

Jan. 2004       Vegetarian Times     Detox Diets
     (magazine)       Lori Tobias

Jul/Aug 2003   Health             Detox: the Inside Story
     (magazine)               Stephanie Jo Klein (p 58)

June 2003       Prevention               Dieting with the Enemy
     (magazine)               Colleen Pierre (p 128)

June 2003       Shape             Weight Loss Q&A: Best booze calorie-wise
      (magazine)             Suzanne Schlossberg (p 110)

Sept. 20, 2002The Star-Ledger       Study Finds Nation’s Crops & Livestock
     (newspaper)             open to terrorist hit  Kitta MacPherson

Jun. 20, 2002  O’Reilly Factor         Back of the Book – Eating healthy is not
     (FoxNews online)             easy, Bill O’Reilly

Apr, 22, 2000  Tulsa World             Americans’ Quest for Better Health Boosts
      (newspaper)            demand for organic food

Jun. 5, 2000   San Diego Union-Tribune   Food Pitfalls Knock Dieters Off Successful
     (newspaper)             path – Sandra Gordon

Jun. 19, 2000  US News + World Report The Skinny on Fat in Dieting
     (magazine)              James Morrow (p 63)

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