Dr. Audrey Cross is one of the nation's most frequently quoted nutrition authorities.   Her deepth and breadth of interests in food, culinary arts,  wine and health bring a diverse array of expertise to audiences of all ages. 

Dr. Audrey's common sense approach to health is reflected in her "Appetite for Healthy Living" programs.  Her culinary wizzardy is demonstrated in her cooking programs for new brides and cooks, "Bride's Basics."  She shares secrets of wine and health in her latest role as vigneronne (vineyard owner and winemaker) from her home at Villa Milagro Vineyards.

Dr. Audrey is no self-styled nutrition expert.  She has impeccable academic credentials, years of experience as both a top government official and university professor and an impressive resume of television, media and public acclaim. Her resume reflects a varied and eclectic approach to nutrition and health. 

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